SURICATE has also the development rights of the big potential for iron ore located in the North-eastern part of the Mauritania on the borders with Algeria where huge reserves grading 57% Fe occurs in Gara Djebilet. The company occupies the Mauritanian side of the deposits with important reserve  of high grade iron ore.
The northern sub-basin Yetti contains the western part of the deposit west of Gara Djebilet, belonging to the field of Gara Djebilet, crossing the border with Algeria. Of the various major deposits of ferruginous rock Oolitic located along the southern edge of Tindouf Basin, only the field Gara Djebilet contains resources on Mauritanian territory.

The deposit Djebilet was set up on the western flank of the uprising of Aouinet. The Gara Djebilet field was built in the Gara Djebilet unit (Algerian) Early Devonian (Lochkovian and Pragian), extending from east to west over a distance of approximately 60 kilometers.
Oolitic ferruginous resources appear in the top of the Early Devonian cycle of Gara Djebilet unit in three main deposits, namely Gara Djebilet west, center and east. The deposit west of Gara Djebilet extends beyond the Algeria-Mauritania border and extends straight in Mauritania on about thirteen kilometer at a thickness of 6 to 30 meters.
Mineralogy rocks ferruginous oolithic lenses is characterized by magnetite, hematite, goethite, maghemite, of chamosite, siderite, apatite, and quartz. Three main types of ores are visible, and vertically distributed in each lens. They consist of a non-magnetic lower ore facies, magnetic facies, and a non-magnetic upper facies. On the petrographic plan minerals differentiate into three types, namely types cemented detrital and nondetrital.
Mean geochemical data for the entire field show differences in iron content among the three ore types. Facies lower nonmagnetic, magnetic and non-magnetic upper contain respectively 54.6, 57.8, and 53.0% iron. The magnetic ore represents a potential resource of economic interest, and contains 4.9% SiO2, 4.2% Al2O3, 61.4% Fe2O3, 19.2% FeO, 1.8% P2O5.