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Suricate Minerals was established with a strategy to explore, for critical minerals  some under-explored mineral properties located within selected geologically prospective areas in North of Mauritania . The Directors have been involved in the consolidation and exploration of the Company's key projects for a number of years giving them an important understanding of the potential of the areas and the requirements for future exploration. The Directors of Suricate have ensured that a high level of ownership has been maintained in the prospects purchased by the Company to provide the Shareholders with as much leverage as possible in any potential future exploration success.
The Company’s management can demonstrate a great depth of experience in exploration and mining covering a diverse inventory of commodities ranging from, gold to critical minerals that are increasing in demand and include barium , Quartz , Lithium , Tantalum and rare earths , to base metals Iron ore and copper. The Directors of the Company have been associated with the successful development of mines in Mauritania.
The Company controls a quality exploration portfolio that includes the hundreds Mt GaraDjebilet Iron ore Deposit, the Mt Zemmour Barite Deposit ,Inal Gold prospect, the Inal/Zemmour Lithium prospects and Mt Tasiast HQ and HP Quartz deposit .
During a time when base metals, gold and strategic minerals are in strong demand and the mining industry is receiving high commodity prices, Suricate will strive to intensively explore and potentially develop and exploit its exploration prospects and deposits in North of Mauritania.




Excutive Director, Strategie and development






 Technical Director  Exploitation




     Mostapha MOHAMED

       Finance Director